TFF US Speaker Announcement

We were overwhelmed by all of the fantastic speaker applications for TFF US. We vetted speaker applications among a small committee and are pleased to announce the following individuals have been chosen to speak at TFF US which will start at 9am Eastern Standard Time on December 8, 2017. To learn more and to keep up to date with the our speakers, follow them on twitter or their website.


Cy Andrews
Vizzing pop culture to educate the masses.


Eric Axelrod
Using cross database joins to transform BI projects


Alicia Bembenek
Let’s Expand our Definition of “Effective” Data Viz


Brian Graves
Alteryx and Tableau: 5 Steps to Faster Insights


Ann Jackson moderates:
Women in DataViz Panel Discussion


Mark Jacobson
Automating Content Management for Tableau Server


Ivett Kivacs
Keep your eyes open!


Thomas Rones
How Tableau Taught Me Javascript:
Combining tools & technologies to make your imagination come to life


Olga Tsubiks
Data storytelling for good:
How to tell difficult, but important stories


Christopher Scott
Listen: The art of listening through data visualization.


Kim Unger
Using Reverse Engineering to Unlock the Magic of Tableau


Stay tuned for more information, including the schedule of events and speaker spotlights as we approach TFF US on December 8, 2017!


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